facial rejuvenation radiofrequency system

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facial rejuvenation radiofrequency system facial rejuvenation radiofrequency system - Physio


  • Application:

    facial rejuvenation


Working frequencies
420-500-720-1000 khz to optimize the treatment to various tissues and at various depths.
Measurement and transferred energy indication to the tissues (J) for a correct and repeatable energy dosage.

Continuous and pulsed modes of operation (for athermal treatments)

Power adjustable for different options of use

Up to 4 handpieces:
bipolar face handpiece, bipolar body handpiece, monopolar face handpiece and monopolar body handpiece.

Thermal Therapy Physio works with 4 handpieces, for face and body, and allow all thermal non invasive applications which exploit the diathermy principle, acts to re-establish cell metabolism balance, making tissues more compact and younger looking. It improves microcirculation, reduces oedema, fat accumulation and skin laxity.
Thermal Therapy provides a painless non invasive treatment with surprising results from the first session. Besides, the vascularisation and liquid drainage effects can be focused on the most superfi cial layers, thus improving skin tone and glow and reducing localized fat and peau d’orange effect to obtain a brighter and smoother skin with visible results from the first session.

The 2 bypolar RF handpieces are dedicated one to the face and the other to the body. The generated heat causes the local contraction of collagen fibres and improves the skin’s laxity and appearance, remodelling and enhancing dermal density.
The monopolar handpieces (capacitive and resistive), thanks to the depth of their action, allow the heating of the dermis deepest tissues and of the fat tissues. They are particularly advised to treat cellulite, to perform body shaping and deep tissue regeneration.