electronic laboratory balance / with digital display / benchtop



  • Technology:


  • Display type:

    with digital display

  • Configuration:


  • Weighing capacity:

    Max.: 2,500 g (88.18 oz)

    Min.: 0 g (0 oz)

  • Readability:

    2 g (0.0705 oz)


The Centrifuge Balance is an electronic differential digital scale.

The Genesis Electronic Centrifuge Balance improves efficiency and accuracy of a manual task.

Product Overview
• Electronic differential digital scale
• Displays weight differential of 2 objects
• Balances in seconds
• Simple and easy to operate

Special Features
• Two weight sensors allow for simultaneous measurment of two objects
• Indicates the weight differential within the range of +/- 2 grams
• LED indicator displays weight
• LED indicator identifies lighter object