manual spa table / 2-section
Alix 5175FT

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manual spa table / 2-section manual spa table / 2-section - Alix 5175FT


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It comes with or without teck casing. It is perfect for consultation offices, spa, and thalasso centers. It's electrically operated and has a central column. The standard dimensions are 200 x 60 / 48 cm featuring an ovoid shape. It also has a 4cm dynamic foam except tech tables that have soft 6cm foam. There are several colors available for upholstery: classic (standard), SPA (option +55€), Luxe (standard), and Leather (option +784€). Furthermore, it has a handle control, sections that are operated via gas cylinder, and a tight-edge upholstery. It has a white frame epoxy paint (gray or black). It can accommodate 150kg and comes with 3-year warranty for main elevator and frame.