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microplate grinder / laboratory / nucleic acid extraction / R&D
µ-Grinder µ-Sampler 96



  • Applications:

    for microplates, laboratory, nucleic acid extraction, R&D, sample

  • Other characteristics:



µ-Grinder µ-Sampler 96
Grind small grains : 96 samples in microplate, in 4 mn without transfer for DNA extraction
Versatility matrices grinding (hard grains, pea, corn, soy bean from 1 to 15 grains per well)
Optimal and constant granulometry
Reliable reproductibility of manipulation with traceability
No risk of cross contamination
Up to 10 grinding protocols can be stored in the industrial automate
Ability to adapt the controller to your matrices and different types of microplates
Grinder adaptable to your analysis needs : possibility to add an automatic sampler “µ-Sampler 96” and a cleaning system for the shafts
Proved robutness