plug-in type vacuum regulator / intermittent / continuous
881VR series



  • Connection type:

    plug-in type

  • Other characteristics:

    intermittent, continuous


Continuous/Intermittent Suction Regulators
881VR Series

The 881VR Series Continuous/Intermittent (Combo) Suction Regulators provides both continuous regulated suction and intermittent regulated suction. This regulator is available in three regulated vacuum ranges: 0-160, 0-200, and 0-300 mmHg. Factory default setting for intermittent regulation is instant off, meaning the timer is set at 8 seconds OFF/ 16 seconds ON, reverse order available (see ordering information). The timer can be easily adjusted from the back of the regulator if necessary. A variety of inlet and outlet fittings are available to cover a wide range of customer needs. Gauges are dual scale (mmHg/kPa) and clockwise, but is also available in ISO styles (counter-clockwise).
• 2-1/2" diameter gauge
• Dual scale mmHg and kPa
• Glow in the dark gauge
• Adjustable On/Off timer

Ordering Info
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Dimensions without adapters or fittings
• Height - 6.3" (160 mm)
• Width - 3.15" (80 mm)
• Depth - 3.94" (100 mm)
• Weight - 17.6 oz(0.5 kg)
Face Cover (body) - ABS Plastic
Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. (GENTEC®) manufactures continuous/
intermittent digital suction regulators in two ranges, 0 to 160mmHg
(881VR-160) and 0 to 300mmHg (881VR-300). These suction regulators
provide three modes: CONT (continuous regulated vacuum), OFF (no vacuum)
and INT (intermittent regulated vacuum). Please take a few minutes to
familiarize yourself with the product by reviewing Figure 1 on the next page.
The mode is selected by moving the lever at the top of the regulator to the left
(CONT) for continuous suction, the center (OFF) to turn off the regulator