oxygen flow meter / helium / plug-in type / with pressure regulator



  • Fluid type:

    oxygen, helium

  • Other characteristics:

    plug-in type, with pressure regulator

  • Output:

    Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)

    Max.: 12 l/min (3 us gal/min)


Heliox Flowmeter Regulator
Heliox Flowmeter Regulators are designed for use in respiratory urgent care and respiratory treatment purposes. The GENTEC® Heliox Flowmeter Regulator is calibrated for 80/20 heliox (80% helium / 20% oxygen) . Use our heliox flowmeter regulator to avoid the conversion errors that occur when using standard oxygen or air flowmeters.

• Flowmeter calibrated for heliox 80/20 mixture

• Back-pressure compensated

• Polycarbonate tubes for longer service life

• Chrome-plated brass body

• Maximum inlet pressure: 3000 psi

• 2” pressure gauge for easy reading

• 3000psig inlet pressure
• Polycarbonate flowmeter hoods for longer service life
• 2" gauge with large, easy to read numbers
• Flow Range: 0-12 LPM
• CGA 280 inlet connection
• Body: Chrome-plated brass
• Flowmeter: Polycarbonate