nitrogen generator / laboratory / PSA / bench-top
ANSN2-GARBI series

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nitrogen generator / laboratory / PSA / bench-top nitrogen generator / laboratory / PSA / bench-top - ANSN2-GARBI series


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    35 l/min (9 us gal/min)


Nitrogen Generators
Space and noise are issues more and more important in laboratories. The N2
-Garbi Gas Generator
is small in size and includes – as an option – an internal oil-free air compressor.
It works on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle and delivers a continuous stream of N2
with a purity of up to 99,999% without the need of additional puri� cation.
The N2
-Garbi series is ideal for all kinds of laboratory and chromatography applications where
Nitrogen is required. Other typical applications are ICP, ELSD, PID or incubators.
The N2-Xaloc models have been designed for applications requesting larger � ow and highest purity
of Nitrogen. They use the DS-PSA (Double Stage PSA) principle to produce high purity Nitrogen
which eliminates the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure cylinders in laboratories.
N2-Xaloc models include internal oil free compressors and deliver a continuous stream of 99.999%
pure Nitrogen.
The Gregal-LCMS has been specially designed to aliment LCMS systems. Working with the PSA
technology and including an internal compressor, the Gregal-LCMS delivers up to 35 L/min
Nitrogen with a quality of 98.5%.
The N2
-Gregal-0 Nitrogen Generator is based on the hollow � bre technology, enabling the separation
of air into Nitrogen and Oxygen enriched air from an external compressed air supply.