high-performance liquid chromatography system / DAD / ELSD / UV
333, 334



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    high-performance liquid

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Preparative HPLC systems in a modular format to accommodate purification ranging from a microgram to gram scale utilizing UV, ELSD, DAD, and/or MS as a fraction tigger and valve configurations to accommodate virtually any number of single or multiple column schemes.

The systems's wide flow rate range (from the 333 and 334 Pumps) allows for both semi-preparative and preparative separations. High pumping power accommodates a wide range of preparative column sizes. All injection modules feature a continuous flow path design. The system can accommodate large injection volumes with minimal sample waste and carryover. The new rinse station system incorporates a flowing jet wash and allows the use of up to two different rinse solvents.

Low dwell volume allows fast, reproducible gradients
Off bed collection racks allow for true large-scale fraction collection into vessels of your choice without sacrificing bed space
Incorporate Gilson's System Organizers for stacking to conserve bench space
Injection of up to 15 g per run depending on column dimensions
The 30X Pump Series configured as injection pumps can inject volumes up to several liters to maximize sample loading on preparative HPLC columns