automated sample preparation system / laboratory / for liquid handling / for solid-phase extraction



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  • Preparation type:

    for liquid handling, for solid-phase extraction

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The Gilson GX-241 ASPEC allows users to conserve precious bench space while still reaping the benefits of automated solid phase extraction. Innovative mobile rack technology allows for sample preparation prior to SPE, and unique sealing caps allow for positive pressure extractions, which are more precise and robust. Get to your analysis more quickly with the GX-241 ASPEC System.

Occupying less than 40 cm of linear bench space, Gilson's smallest automated SPE and liquid handling system is ideally suited for facilities where bench space or budget is limited. The GX-241 ASPEC system offers all the standard features of the larger GX-271 ASPEC system in a single-probe, compact configuration that is designed for lower throughput applications.