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Shiatsu massage seat cover / heated



  • Massage type:

    Shiatsu massage

  • Options:



MANTRA massage back support (2018 new model)
- 2-D Shiatsu massage system in the back.

- Vibrating massage in gluteus and quadriceps.

- Heating system in the back.

- Adaptable to any seat.

- Connection to any plug or car lighter.

2 YEARS Official Warranty by Global Relax

The MANTRA massage back support belongs to a new generation of massagers offering the following benefits: boosts blood circulation and metabolism; strengthens the immune system; eliminates fatigue; provides pain relief; and relaxes the muscles in the back, waist and abdomen.

You can choose between applying the Hand Massage, Vibrating Massage or Thermal Massage. You can adjust the different massage options as you please: select the massage mode, intensity and part of the body.

Start enjoying the type of massage you want and don't worry about anything else: the back support is equipped with an easy to use remote control and an automatic switch off option (after 15 minutes), just in case you go into deep relaxation and/or fall asleep during use.

The MANTRA massage back support can be used anywhere: it works perfectly in any type of vehicle (car, van, bus, truck, etc.) but you can also use it in any indoor space (at home, at the office, etc.).