cervical disc prosthesis

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cervical disc prosthesis cervical disc prosthesis - SECURE®-C3


  • Spinal section:



The SECURE®-C3 Cervical Artificial Disc is the first cervical disc replacement to combine viscoelastic kinematics with imaging capability. Offered in a comprehensive range of heights, footprints and sagittal profiles, SECURE®-C3 accommodates varying patient anatomy. The stream-lined instrumentation provides precise placement of the implant in three basic steps: Trial – Chisel – Insert

Quality of Motion: SECURE®-C3 has a viscoelastic polycarbonate urethane (PCU) core that allows physiologic axial compression. The unique selectively constrained design permits a natural range of motion through anterior-posterior translation, flexion-extension, lateral bending and rotation, adjusting to the natural center of rotation of the cervical spine.
Radiolucent: SECURE®-C3 is manufactured from polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and polycarbonate urethane (PCU) for improved postoperative clinical evaluation. Radiographic markers are visible on fluoroscopy for precise implant positioning. The PEEK-on-PEEK articulation has lower wear characteristics compared to metal-on-metal and metal-on-polyethylene cervical disc replacements.
Sagittal Alignment: SECURE®-C3 is offered in two sagittal profiles (0° and 6°) to adapt to the natural lordosis of the operative level.