infusion extension line
INL12xx, INL90xx, INL50xx

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infusion extension line infusion extension line - INL12xx, INL90xx, INL50xx


Clear, Flexible, high-pressure tube which combines the features of tubing clearly and strength.
Luer lock connectors allow coupling and uncoupling of tubing of tubing with injectors, Syringes and manifolds without over tightening or breakage.
We currently offering special tubing that can handle pressure range from 500 to 1200 Psi.
Standard lengths are 25, 51, 76, 100, 120 Cm.
Customize length will be available.
Sterile by E.O ready for use.

For use during angiography or interventional procedures as a conduit to transmit contrast media and/or saline.

Do not use if package is opened or damaged.
After use, this product may be a potential biohazard. Handle and dispose of in accordance with accepted medical practice and applicable laws and regulations.
To eliminate the potential for air aspiration, severe back and forth bending motions should not be applied to this device during use.
All connections should be hand tightened without over tightening to ensure their security and to prevent damage to the device.
Connections should be checked for leaks or possible air ingress prior to injecting fluid into patient.

Instruction For Use:

will withstand one injections at 1200psi.

NOTE: These Instructions for Use are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of product labeling. Knowledge of physician specialists with comprehensive knowledge of the indications, techniques and risks of the procedure is preferential to this instruction for use. This product contains NO natural rubber latex.WARNINGS:

For single and transient use only.

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