abdominal hernia prosthesis

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abdominal hernia prosthesis abdominal hernia prosthesis - ENFORM


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GORE® ENFORM Biomaterial is a soft, conformable, tailorable, tissue reinforcement device designed to achieve abdominal wall repair by contributing to highly vascularized quality tissue and improved wound healing via an acellular matrix that augments tissue infiltration, integration, and regeneration.

The product is completely absorbed, leaving no material behind in the body.

Infiltration to enable vascularization: Optimal pore size1,2 facilitates rapid cell infiltration and vascularization

Integration to support healthy tissue formation: Vascularized tissue throughout the matrix delivers cells and nutrients to the site for rapid tissue ingrowth

Regeneration to leave only healthy tissue: Uniform, mature collagen replaces the bioabsorbable matrix

Unique, soft and pliable performance: Conformability designed for ideal handling and patient comfort