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ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit



  • Treatment:

    ultrasound lipolysis


The Ultrasound device of Cavitation process
The ultimate technique and reference for slimming treatment is now cavitation, a high profitability practice. CAVITALyse get remarkable results for reshaping and slimming programs; reduction of adipose tissue, cellulite and orange peel skin.
Dedicated to beauty salons and slimming centers, and coming from a technique totally controlled, CAVITALyse is very easy to program and use.

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon; when we apply low frequency ultrasound on the skin,
it produces micro-bubbles that implode at the level of hypodermis fat layers. Thanks to this powerful energy
locally released, cavitation allows a destruction of cells localized on adipose tissue.

This NON INVASIVE fat reduction process needs only sessions of less than 30 minutes.
CAVITALyse is the first cavitation device all over Made in France.
Thanks to the latest technology of its probe and its sensory contact CAVITALyse insure a safe emission.