medical lamp / for waiting rooms / LED / floor-standing



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    medical, for waiting rooms

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Leaf Lamp Metal Tree is designed to provide a ‘plug-and-play’ solution for busy environments and lively thoroughfares. The stem of the tree is made of a powder-coated steel pipe (in any RAL colour). The steel stem can be fitted with electrical cables that provide electricity to the power sockets that can be placed on any seamless table module attached to the tree stem.

Leaf Lamp Metal Tree comes in two sizes M and L, both with a height of 4200 mm. The M size has a crown of 4 leaf clusters that together have the diameter of 2300 mm, the L size has a crown of 6 clusters with the diameter 3000 mm.

The Leaf Lamp Crown
At the top of the stem, a Leaf Lamp lighting cluster softly diffuses the light to create a soothing atmosphere. The lighting cluster is structured by soft woolen ‘leaves’ chosen for their Grade A-certified acoustic properties. As the leaves filter out noise in the surroundings, they help create calm environments for work, quiet conversation and relaxation. The crown can be designed with leaves in many colour combinations, from monochromatic to mixes with up to 5 different colours.Variations of Metal Tree Tables
The Leaf Lamp Metal Tree can be ordered as a single product, or together with any of our standing-height table modules and chargers.

A Leaf Lamp Metal Tree Table can encircle the metal stem with a 360º surface that provides enough space for four individuals. It can also be configured by seamless table modules, that together can create any shape and be reconfigured for different events.