pleural drainage set / 3-chamber
Thora Green III™

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pleural drainage set / 3-chamber pleural drainage set / 3-chamber - Thora Green III™


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Thora Green IIITM 3-chamber chest drainage unit is intended for post-operative draining of air, blood and other liquids from the pleural cavity. It's design presents convenient drainage system for maintaining the required amount of vacuum in patients' chest while controlling the level of suction.
Transparent chambers' windows with easy to read graphics facilitate acuurate fluid levels assessment.

Automatic positive and manual negative pressure relief valves allow to keep negative intrathoracic pressure on the prescribed level, increasing patient comfort and safety and shortening hospitalization time. Paediatric and adult collection chamber graduations identify drainage volume up to 2500ml.

With easy-to-use bed hangers, floor stand, pre-connected drainage tubing, needle-free ports for collection and water seal chambers, blue-coloured water seal, latex-free patient tube and components sterile Thora Green III offers a good value for physicians and patients.