nucleic acid analyzer with touchscreen
Procleix Panther



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    with touchscreen


The Procleix Panther system combines full automation with versatility and smart operations for efficient NAT processing of blood and plasma
A comprehensive NAT screening solution in a very compact footprint.
Smart Design
Quickly access reportable results while maximizing lab space and minimizing operator interaction.

First results in 3.5 hours, then 5 results every 5 minutes
Immediate and continuous access to reportable results
Only 2 planned operator interactions – to load additional samples and/or consumables – for every 8 hours of operation
24-hour assay calibration without end-of-run controls
Compact footprint of less than 1 m2 (10.76 ft2)
System easily scales and flexes with testing volume over time
Simple Operation
Streamline operations with quick and easy installation and training, user-friendly software and automated maintenance.

Fast 2-day installation time
Streamlined 3-day operator training
Real-time guidance and status updates across all functions with a simple, task-driven touchscreen
Visual- and audio-guided system operation
Programmable system maintenance during lab off hours
Real-time inventory of reagents and consumable material