reporting software / data tracking / for blood transfusion centers



  • Function:

    reporting, data tracking

  • Medical establishment:

    for blood transfusion centers


Keep track of activity with BIDS XT's comprehensive database for samples, clinical information and test results.

Register all actions performed by users
Plate configuration, kit and enzyme lot and registration functions help users trace sample, reagents and results
Worksheet printouts with calculated volumes support users with the procedure
Friendly and detailed reports and raw data graphs provide a detailed comprehension of results
Product DetailSpecification
DescriptionSoftware solution to accompany ID CORE XT and ID HPA XT kits
Main applications
Assisting with the genotyping process including plate configuration, kit and enzyme lot and registration functions to help users trace sample reagents and results
Creating and storing results in a database that can perform multiple-searches and then export results in several formats including LIS