laboratory fume hood / for clean rooms / for the pharmaceutical industry / for hospitals



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for clean rooms, for the pharmaceutical industry, for hospitals, for powder handling

  • Function:

    chemical, containment, weigh

  • Configuration:

    floor-standing, bench-top

  • Other characteristics:

    ductless, with HEPA filter, activated carbon filter


The GS-Series filtration fume cupboards represent the most comprehensive and advanced range of safety cabinets to protect laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic chemicals released during handling of harmful chemicals within laboratory applications. Thanks to the its own embedded filtration system allows the protection of personnel without the need of any complex ventilation system and energy wasting for air renewal. It can equip one or more activated carbon filters for vapors retention or absolute filters for particles (HEPA H14 or ULPA U17). Combination of different types of filters can be equipped as well, in order to enanche the retention capability in accordance to user’s needs .In compliance with BS and EN Standards and international health & safety regulations.