maxillofacial surgery microscope / spine surgery microscope / ENT surgery microscope / on casters
HS Hi-R 700



  • Microscope type:

    maxillofacial surgery microscope, spine surgery microscope, ENT surgery microscope

  • Ergonomics:

    on casters


HS Hi-R 700 allows movement to remain natural, position to be precise, and rotation in different directions to be effortless. The 2-knob balancing mechanism is assisted by software for fast setting. This OR microscope improves workflow. It has excellent optical image quality and intuitive balancing. Its modular design makes it very economical. Stepless illumination zoom can be achieved in one push of a button and controls the size of the field that is illuminated. Variable focus ranges from 224 to 510 mm. Furthermore, the eyepiece head can be inclined 200° with wide-angle oculars 10x 21B.