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Claros Data Management

Effective data management solutions are key to successful process management. Claros Data Management solutions allow you to consolidate data and view it at any time on any device, thus increasing collaboration across your organisation. Visualise your data with charts and statistical tools to identify trends. Reporting and decision-making from your data has never been easier.

Collection Visualisation & Analytics Reporting Data Accuracy

Is the data you need scattered in a variety of Excel sheets, SCADA Historians, and lab databases?

Aggregate key data from a wide variety of lab, process and field data sources, including SCADA/historian systems, LIMS and commercial labs. Collect field data on any device and from anywhere. Perform industry-specific calculations using combined data sets.

Relevant Solutions:
Claros Data Management
Claros Data Management software brings data from across your water/wastewater systems to a central, secure location for a complete picture of your entire operation. The industry-specific calculations engine provides calculations of regulatory compliance details such as weekly averages, CT Ratios, and more, including the handling of data qualifiers.

Streamlined reporting, audit trails and numerous customized report templates ensure you have everything you need to properly submit your compliance reports. Plus, with the ability to easily generate user-defined reports using our Wizards, Templates, and sample reports, any user can effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Claros Data Management and Claros Collect can help to eliminate errors at the source by validating entries against logical limits by parameter.