inventory management system / information / traceability / medical
BloodTrack® Series

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inventory management system / information / traceability / medical inventory management system / information / traceability / medical - BloodTrack® Series


  • Function:

    information, inventory, traceability

  • Applications:

    medical, blood bank, clinical, point-of-care, for blood transfusion centers


Blood Management and Bedside Transfusion Software Solutions
Enhance patient safety, maintain traceability and reduce costs

BloodTrack is a modular suite of blood management and bedside transfusion solutions that combine software with hardware components to act as an extension of your blood bank information system (BBIS). The software is designed to work with laboratory storage equipment and the BloodTrack HaemoBank® Blood Storage Device, to help provide safe and fully compliant Point-of-care Blood Management and verify that the right blood is transfused to the right patient at the bedside.

Today, more than 500 locations across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, including 10 of the top 20 hospitals in the U.S. use our BloodTrack solutions to maintain traceability of their hospital’s blood supply chain.1

Revolutionizing point-of-care blood management
The integrated modules within the BloodTrack suite of solutions help to ensure that each link in the blood supply chain is optimized to reduce blood bank workload, eliminate waste and provide better patient care. Frequently when blood products leave the blood bank, the blood bank staff loses control and visibility of the blood components. BloodTrack controls, tracks and monitors access to emergency and crossmatched (RBCs, plasma, platelets, plasma derivatives) blood products in clinical areas such as labor and delivery, emergency departments and operating rooms.