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    for blood transfusion centers, medical, laboratory


EdgeCell® is our comprehensive software solution for the management of your Cellular Therapy, Cord Blood Bank, and Tissue Bank programs. This specialized software solution enables you to more efficiently manage data associated with your stem cell and tissue products — from collection to utilization — including electronically tracking and managing your donor, patient, and product information in a centralized database. EdgeCell also helps you monitor and streamline your processes; enforce quality controls and maintain traceability; and meet quality and regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. By helping to enforce adherence to standard operating procedures, EdgeCell allows you to better control your processes, helping you deliver safe, traceable, and compliant products to your patients and customers.

Improve the efficiency, compliance, and traceability of your cellular therapy, cord bank and tissue management programs
The EdgeCell solution provides end-to-end management of your cellular therapy and transplant programs, enabling you to monitor your manufacturing processes and document your lot-to-lot traceability.

Streamline Your Operations and Increase Efficiencies
Centralize data from multiple sources in a single product record
Improve inventory management; lessen expired products
Manage multiple protocols, processing steps, and lots
Automate product storage, retrieval, and movement tracking history
Generate and print ISBT-128 labels
Achieve Process Standardization in Your Laboratory
Enforce adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP), business rules, and accreditation requirements