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blood collection kit / cell blood collection kit / cell


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    blood, cell


Non-leukoreduced red blood cell, platelet, and plasma products

Our Whole Blood Collection and Component Storage Systems are designed for the collection of one unit of whole blood, and the subsequent storage of the red blood cell, platelet, and/or plasma components. These systems are ideal if you are using Haemonetics in-line filter blood collection systems and want to produce non-leukocycte reduced blood (usually from autologous or directed blood donors) to expand your product offering to your hospital customers. You can also enhance your supply chain management by obtaining everything from one vendor.

We offer the following two anticoagulant systems for your convenience:

Nutricel® Additive Blood Collection System – Uses the additive solution (AS-3, Nutricel®) to maintain red blood cell (RBC) viability throughout a 42-day storage period without the need for mannitol.
CPDA-1 Blood Collection Set – Uses the anticoagulant-preservative CPDA-1 to maintain RBC viability throughout a 35-day storage period.