PCR sample processor / for forensics / automated / pipetting



  • Applications:

    for PCR, for forensics

  • Operation:


  • Preparation type:


  • Sample type:

    for DNA

  • Configuration:



A Complete Family of Automated Instruments for PRE-PCR Workflows

The ID NIMBUS, ID VANTAGE and ID STARlet assay ready workstations allow analysts to refocus attention away from time-consuming, low value and user-variable manual pre-PCR workflow steps while gaining valuable, high-quality data and ultimately fortifying confidence in sample processing and data integrity. All are excellent tools for extraction, quantification, normalization and amplification steps. Several options are available to suit requirements for throughput, traditional capillary electrophoresis (CE) or cutting-edge massively parallel sequencing (MPS) methods. Additionally, the assay ready workstations are specifically programmed and qualified to accommodate assay chemistries from leading providers so that users can bypass lengthy programming procedures and time-consuming self-qualifications. By doing so, users are assured that the workflow is optimized for robust, consistent performance.