laboratory sample preparation system / tissue / automated / for DNA extraction



  • Applications:

    laboratory, tissue

  • Operation:


  • Preparation type:

    for DNA extraction, for RNA extraction, for protein extraction

  • Sample type:

    blood, saliva

  • Configuration:



Automated and Optimized Magnetic Bead-Based Extraction

Hamilton, together with Thermo Fisher Scientific, optimized the NIMBUS Presto assay ready workstation for fully automated and parallel nucleic acid and protein extraction of a variety of biological samples. Blood, plasma, tissue, saliva, FFPE and buccal swabs may be automatically processed on a single, integrated system with a small footprint to conserve precious laboratory space. The workstation is integrated with the Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher Presto and pre-programmed for use with proven KingFisher magnetic bead-based sample processing. Two interchangeable magnetic heads allow parallel processing in 24- and 96-well plate formats.