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positioning sheet / turn / sliding / for people with reduced mobility
1220, 1230



  • Type:

    positioning, turn

  • Other characteristics:

    sliding, for people with reduced mobility


For positioning in bed, for more active users
EasySlide (100 x 70) is mainly designed for more active users requiring only some care and who need to turn and move in bed. It performs best on a rough surface.

Being able to turn in bed improves the quality of life
EasySlide reduces the friction against both shoulder and hip, which in turn reduces the risk of pressure sores. Thanks to these features, EasySlide is very gentle for people in pain but also for the carer, thus avoiding the risks associated with lifting. EasySlide promotes independence and improves the quality of life.

Soft, padded outside provides for comfortable and gentle transfers.
The ULF sliding material reduces the friction under the user.
Protective and disposable covers for improved hygiene and less laundry are available as accessories.
Replaceable protective cover containing carbon fibre reduces static electricity.

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