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electric patient lift / on casters / floor-mounted / adult
6090 series



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  • Configuration:

    on casters, floor-mounted

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EvaDrive – a new innovative mobile lift which reduces the risks for carers and eliminates load injuries
EvaDrive is a new motorised lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients. Operating EvaDrive requires minimal strength and effort even in the narrowest of spaces. The intuitive control handle makes steering as simple as manoeuvring a shopping trolley!

EvaDrive is operated intuitively with very little force. The control handle responds to gentle fingertip movements and is sufficiently precise to easily manoeuvre EvaDrive in very narrow spaces, for instance when repositioning patients in small hospital rooms. A gentle touch of the control handle and EvaDrive turns, reverses and moves forward with minimal effort. EvaDrive understands where you want to go – and takes you there. A single carer can easily operate the lift even with plus-size patients.

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