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medical thermosealer / automatic / rotary



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Sterilized items may be contaminated if sterilization bag is damaged during sterilizing or storing, therefore the cutting & sealing machine designed for sterilization bag specially is strongly recommendable to use.
This machine is appropriate for requiring a limited space due to its advanced dual function.
The entire processing is controlled automatically by the microprocessor, and the operating state is displayed through digital LED.
The automatic cutting and lower end sealing of the roll bags is done according to the preset cutting length, cutting quantity, sealing temperature and sealing time of the bag.
Only inserting the upper end of the bag containing instruments into the sealing inlet enables this machine to seal the bag perfectly.
The set sealing temperature is maintained correctly by the PID controls.
Roll stand and appliance table with drawers for gathering the sterilizing bags during sealing can be supplied as the optional product.