NIR spectroscope / for organic analysis

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NIR spectroscope / for organic analysis NIR spectroscope / for organic analysis - HK12


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    for organic analysis


NIR- laboratory device for liquid products with different consistencies state-of-the-art NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy Measurement of any organic compounds e.g. fat, protein, water, etc. colour independent measurement no "drift by lamp aging" The HK12 is an laboratory device with state-of-the-art NIR- technology for rapid laboratory.Our newly developed HK12 is suitable for the simultaneouse determination of up to 10 organic components in liquid products with different consistencies.Additionally, 5 further components can be calculated out of the measured components. It complements our laboratory device particuLAB in a perfect waywhich is suitable for the mesurement of solid, pasty and powdery products.All Harrer & Kassen laboratory and in-line measuring devices have an open calibration system - in this way you can make your own calibration or you can expand your existing calibration.Through using state-of-the-art technology, any drift of the measured values will be eliminated and a recalibration is unnecessary.