automatic pouchmaking machine / compact
hm 8000 AS, hm 8000 AS-V SealCut



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    automatic, compact


Pouchmaking machine for the automatic production of flat and gusseted pouches for hospitals and the medical industry.

To deliver maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, hawo has developed a fully automatic pouchmaking machine, known as the hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut (V=validatable). This innovative machine combines a film reel dispenser and a heat sealer to automatically produced sterile goods pouches from standard reels in the required quantity and length. The material consumption is kept to a minimum, since the pouch length can be determined on a customised basis. With an output of up to 5.000 bags per hour and compact dimensions, this machine is at the top of its device class.

Operation and configuration are performed either via the integrated keypad or optionally using the innovative hawo IntelligentScan system. Different formulars can therefore be pre-programmed and changed with just a ‘scan’ (e.g. pouch length 30 cm / 12 in, sealing temperature 190 °C / 375 °F, sealing time 2 sec.). An optional label printer can be connected for labelling and documentation purposes. The devices can also be connected to existing batch documentation systems using standard RS 232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.