leak-proofing tester / for packaging / benchtop
hawo viú-2



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    for packaging

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Test system for monitoring the integrity of seals for flexible packaging through visual inspection in accordance with ISO 11607-2. The hawo viú-2 is used for the non-destructive visual inspection of sealing seams. It can be used for spot checks as well as for 100% visual inspection in production.

The standard EN ISO 11607-1, Appendix B lists test methods which may be used to demonstrate compliance with the normative requirements. This includes the non-destructive visual inspection of the integrity of sealing seams of flexible sterile barrier systems. With the help of a magnifying glass and the powerful lighting system the user gets the visual inspection result immediately.

Using the “pass” and “failed” button on the top of the viú-2 each result can by evaluated directly. The device automatically stores the test result together with the serial number of the heat sealer or packaging machine and displays the test result on the 2-line LCD. Defective seams also get a pre-defined error code. The data can be transferred via USB interface to a computer for documentation. The included software archives the results, which can then be shown upon request.