lung model / for demonstration / pathology

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lung model / for demonstration / pathology lung model / for demonstration / pathology - 79826


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    for demonstration, pathology



Provide a hands-on lesson in the importance of being smoke-free. This set of two soft, lifelike, BIOLIKE 2™ lung models shows the amazing difference between a healthy, nonsmoker’s lung and a scarred, tumour-ridden smoker’s lung with blistered air sacs decimated by cancer and emphysema.


Invite your group to feel for themselves why smoking literally takes your breath away. Made of soft BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, this set of lungs is a pair of polar opposites: The healthy lung is soft, smooth, and pink, while the smoker’s lung is scarred, filled with blistered air sacs, and riddled with tumours as a result of years of exposure to tobacco smoke. Perfect for inspiring a tobacco-free lifestyle. Comes with carrying case for convenient transport and storage. Models are 22 cm tall.

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