drug addiction anatomical model / heart / kidney / vein

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drug addiction anatomical model / heart / kidney / vein drug addiction anatomical model / heart / kidney / vein - 78928


  • Area of the body:

    heart, kidney, vein

  • Procedure:

    pathological, drug addiction



Reveal how drug abuse leads to serious health consequences with this startling 3-D display (28" x 27"). Painted, permanently affixed models and simple, concise text explain eight damaging health effects of drug abuse, including stroke, heart attack, kidney damage, fetal harms, and more. The display is a great visual resource that educators can use to discuss the health effects of drug abuse point by point, or they can leave the display standing on its own, inviting viewers to consider each serious consequence of drug abuse. Comes in a convenient, self-contained carrying case for health education on the go.


Abusing drugs can cause multiple negative health effects, as this dramatic, 3-D, drug education display powerfully reveals. Painted 3-D models and easy-to-understand text highlight eight potential complications of drug abuse, including:

Vein Damage
Kidney Damage
Fetal Damage
Oral Health Damage
Heart Attack

Ideal for health fairs and drug education programs, the display comes in a self-contained carrying case for ease of portability and storage. A perfect resource to raise awareness of some of the many devastating health consequences of drug abuse. 28" x 27" opened

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