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medical staple remover

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medical staple remover medical staple remover


Sterilized Skin Stapler and Remover Production Procedure

Skin stapler FAQ

No matter what's your job,distributor,trader or doctors ,you should know the Importance of skin stapler.

a. The skin stapler must be operated only by the professional person.

b. The skin stapler is sterilized with ethylene oxide. Forbidden to use before the 3M chemical indicator turns red.

c. The skin stapler could not be polluted when it was taken out of the package. Forbidden to use if the package broken.

d. The product is limited to disposable use; please soak it in disinfectant according to Infection Control Criteria of your hospital before destroying/disposing.

e. Disposable skin stapler is only used to suture incisions, if the distance of the skin incisions and Make sure the product is within the period of validity. It is strictly prohibited to use the product beyond the expiration date. The sterilized products must be stored in a dry room with excellent ventilation and without caustic gases