universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / height-adjustable / tilting



  • Applications:


  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, tilting, X-ray transparent


●The control device is equipped with safety locking key
protecting from misoperation.
●The table platform is made of penetrated X-ray material.
There is cassette guide rail under the table which can make
●Accessories and guide rails are made of stainless steel,
polyurethane, etc.
●The main accessories hydraulic pump and
electromagnetic valve are imported from Taiwan.
●The mattress is made of foam polyurethane, acid
and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and
easy to clean.
●The head board and leg board are controlled by special
gas-spring from Germany, which is flexible to operate.

Main technical specifications:
Length and width of the platform: 1960×480mm
Maximum height of the platform: ≥900mm
Minimum height of the platform: ≤710mm
Headboard fold range: upward≥35° downward≥40°
Backboard fold range: upward≥70° downward≥10°
Leg board fold range: downward≥90°
horizontal extension≥140° Platform tilt forward≥20°
Platform tilt backward≥15° Platform tilt leftward≥15°
Platform tilt rightward≥15°
Longitudinal slide of platform≥300mm
Waist board lifting≥80mm
Power supply: 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Input power: 360VA
Running mode: short-term

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