emergency stretcher / on casters / X-ray transparent / with adjustable backrest



  • Applications:


  • Features:

    on casters, X-ray transparent, with adjustable backrest, height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg


Standard Configurations
○ The main platform of the stretcher which is equipped with imported double rise-and-fall hydraulic pump systems is made of X-ray revealed material.
○ Central locking system and the fifth steering castor make the stretcher move steadily, reliably and lightly.
○ The stretcher has the functions of hi-low, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg which are controlled by the treadles lying at the two sides of the stretcher.
○ The rear of the stretcher has the the central locking treadles, the bottom cover is made of ABS material and shaped once for all which can be easily cleaned.
○ The stretcher is equipped with infusion poles, drainage hooks and collapsible aluminum alloy side rails.
○ It is the best choice for emergency room and ICU ward for transferring patient.