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single-use isolator / for the pharmaceutical industry / weigh / sampling



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, weigh, sampling

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box, flexible, single-use


Safe and contamination-free dosing, sampling, (re-)filling and weighing of small quantities of highly active or hazardous substances is only a small choice of customer specific operations that can be performed with HECHT's Single-Use Isolator (EWI). The EWI is a flexible, completely closed foil system operatable with gloves. It guarantees operator and product protection due to the use of a flexible foil and different customized connection adapters for various kinds of bins (drums, sacks, cartons, etc.) There is no need for a time-consuming cleaning or cleaning validation.
Depending on the use case, the number of ports for loading and unloading, the connection of the gloves for the operation of dryers, blenders, granulators etc. will be determined according to your customized needs.

One special option for the EWI is our patented weighing system. The active weighing technology is located outside of the isolator so there is no danger of contamination. Only the scale pan is mounted in the inside. It is possible to weigh in different bulk solids to a minimum weight of 2 grams.