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agarose gel electrophoresis system / hemoglobin / bench-top
SPIFE 4000



  • Technology:

    agarose gel

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Helena SPIFE 4000
Total Automation for IFEs and SPEs
Yes, you really can just load the sample tubes, press go, and return for your printed IFE and SPE results! SPIFE 4000 eliminates ALL manual steps for these assays - there’s no sample application, no stains or antisera to add, no gel transfers, no dilutions to perform, no gel blocks to remove, no tech-to-tech variability - just load and walk away. A full day’s mixed run of SPEs and IFEs takes about 30 minutes of tech time for set up, then frees the tech to perform other tasks. In a single 8-hour shift, SPIFE 4000 can turn 100 IFEs or 756 SPEs. With SPIFE 4000’s hands-off approach, a laboratory could reasonably expect to be able to run 24 hours per day 7 days a week

- Total IFE & SPE automation
- Full host connectivity
- Positive ID
- Primary tube sampling
- Auto dilutions
- Auto gel transfers
- Auto antisera application
- Auto stain & destain
- Auto densitometry

Automated Immunofixation
Automated Staining and Drying
Powerful User Interface