laboratory fume hood / for acid digestion / floor-standing / stainless steel
PVC Acid Digestion



  • Applications:


  • Function:

    for acid digestion

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


UniFlow Acid Digestion fume hoods feature an integral reinforced work surface, dedicated wash down & exhaust system. Digestion hoods come in 48", 60", 72" & 96" widths & feature fume chamber and baffles constructed of HDPE.

UniFlow Superstructure constructed of HDPE exclusive unitized dual wall construction for superior chemical resistance (NO RUST), strength, and durability. Vent outlet is integral to superstructure and is available in HDPE lined hoods.

Fume Chamber and baffle are constructed of type 1 PVC liner with 24" or 30" interior depth. The one piece liner is engineered to resist reactions from corrosive chemicals that don't require high temperatures.

HDPE Work Surface is welded integral to the fume hood superstructure and dished to contain spillage and includes welded in rear drain trough. If a sink is required HDPE would allow the sink to be welded in. color: white

Access Panel removable to access ducting connections, plumbing & electrical services from a single point electrical box,115V/60Hz AC operation. Energy efficient LED vapor proof light fixture with polished stainless steel reflectors, and light switch on left column, all factory installed.

Sash to be counterbalanced connected with coated stainless steel cables, 3/16" unbreakable polycarbonate with chemical resistant non-metallic PVC framing track and aerodynamic sash lift.

Wash Down System hood is equipped with spray nozzles, piping, valve and rear drain trough for rinsing wash down after usage.