laboratory fume hood / exhaust / bench-top / ductless
Clean Aire II



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Clean Aire II Fume Hoods are a Class 1 ductless hood workstation. Activated Carbon filtration for fumes, odors, non-hazardous chemical vapors.

•Self contained ductless hood unit, equipped with integral carbon filter, vapor proof light, vertical sash and controls.

•Completely molded of fire retardant fiberglass.

•Equipped with integral exhaust blower and carbon filter.

•Small quantities of solvents, acids, and annoying odors are absorbed into the carbon filter, that recirculates air back into the room thus avoiding the need for installation and lowering energy costs.

•Does not require duct or venting to the outside.

•Recirculates filtered air back into the laboratory.

•Shipped completely assembled and equipped, ready for operation.