isoelectric focusing electrophoresis system / bench-top / horizontal



  • Technology:

    isoelectric focusing

  • Configuration:

    bench-top, horizontal


SymphonyIEF Isoelectric Focusing is a versatile unit that covers most IEF requirements from small scale to high-throughput operation. The focusing tray can accommodate up to 12 IPG strips. It is convenient with adjustable ‘pick-and-place’ electrodes clip anywhere within the focusing tray to resolve IPG strips from 7-24 cm in length, colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal. It is also compatible with horizontal precast IEF and PAGE gels, with electrode frame that clips directly onto the cooling plate. The cooling plate built from a special grade ceramic boasts a large 26 x 26 cm surface area which enables better heat dissipation and homogenous thermal control, making it efficient for high voltage IEF applications. An optional recirculating chiller is also available which connects easily to the cooling plate via snap-lock connectors to preserve optimal operating temperatures for IPG strips (20°C) and precast gels (4°C).