gel documentation system with CCD camera / with transilluminator / with dark hood
E.A.S.Y Doc plus



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    with CCD camera, with transilluminator, with dark hood


The Herolab gel documentation systems with their intuitive analysis software E.A.S.Y® Win are synonym for high quality and user-friendly design. They are the outcome of Herolab’s huge experience in laboratory workflow and meet the needs of all kinds of applications.

Features of the E.A.S.Y® Win systems:

Runs on all Windows operating systems
Network-compatible, is available as network version
Higher performance through 32 Bit application
GLP conformity: Each parameter starting with exposure time, the date, the time and the first file where the picture has been saved and every kind of access is protocolled
Automatical recognition of background and calculating of exact quantification
Direct export of the results, pictures etc. to windows excel and word
Import / export functions for diverse formats as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIFF and others
Up-dates always possible