oxygen flow meter / air / variable-area / plug-in type



  • Fluid type:

    oxygen, air

  • Other characteristics:

    variable-area, plug-in type

  • Output:

    Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)

    Max.: 30 l/min (8 us gal/min)


Oxyll is a user-friendly flowmeter which is highly accurate. The flow remains unaffected by output restrictions which might be caused by nebulizers, humidifiers or other accessories. This light flowmeter is constructed with a chromium-plated brass body, a stainless steel ball, and an inner and external tube made from polycarbonate. Other fixtures are made from polyamide, brass and NBR. The flow rate is 0 to 15 l/min. The Oxyll flowmeter weighs 160 gr and is virtually maintenance free. It has dimensions of 48 x 26 x 145 mm. The device has an input pressure of 4.2 kg/cm2 - 60 psi - 414 KPa.