20-parameter hematology analyzer / in 3 populations / for animals / electrical impedance



  • Performance:

    20-parameter, in 3 populations

  • Patient type:

    for animals

  • Other characteristics:

    electrical impedance, benchtop, veterinary


The HemaTrue Veterinary Hematology Analyzer delivers accurate results in only 55 seconds and with only 20 µL (about one drop) of blood. Ease-to-use features include a color LCD touch-screen, step-by-step instruction screens, an on-board blood mixer, and an integrated bar code reader.

Color LCD Touch-Screen: Provides easy navigation.
Step-by-Step Instruction Screens: System prompts reduce the need for training.
On-board Blood Tube Mixer: Mix samples in as little as one minute.
2 Ways to Introduce a Sample:
1. Whole Blood Sample Probe: Aspirates from an EDTA tube.
2. True20™ Sampling for Small or Dehydrated Patients: Requires only 20 μl (about one drop) of blood.
Integrated Bar Code Reader: Managing quality control is faster and easier than ever.
Color-Coded Reagent System: A convenient tray houses reagent bottles; color-coded caps protect reagents from environmental contaminants.