automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary / benchtop
Element DC™ 

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automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary / benchtop automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary / benchtop - Element DC™ 


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Take the elements of in-house lab chemistry further with the Element DC analyzer. Enhanced patient staging, faster result times and a touchscreen interface make this instrument an essential component to fast answers and accurate treatment decisions.

Now with E-Wrap: Turn the convenience of our pre-surgical and comprehensive panels into a 1-step timesaver.

Electrolytes and More: Electrolytes on one slide, pre-packaged panels (including the Comprehensive Plus), and individual slide options let you configure the profiles you require.

Whole Blood Solution: Heska’s lithium heparin sample tubes save you a step. Go from syringe to centrifuge to analyzer with no pipetting required.

Sampling Flexibility: Choose the 1.5-ml heparinized sample tube, or pipette serum or plasma from your regular green-top or red-top tubes into a non-heparinized tube.

Additional testing at the touch of a button: Add a new slide to your patient’s panel even after the analysis has begun.

Stack and Run TestStack and Run: Load up to 22 tests (20 slides) at one time without jamming, using the convenient stackable slide rack.