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    hospital, for veterinary facilities


Results from DRI-CHEM & Element DC chemistry, HemaTrue or Element HT5 hematology, and Element POC blood gas and electrolyte analyzers can be presented individually or combined into a single, consolidated report using the HeskaView Integrated Software® Program. There is no limit to the number of analyzers that can be connected or the amount of patient data that can be stored. The HeskaView software interface is easy to navigate and use. Web-style links guide users to next steps and other key actions. Once entered, patient ID’s are recognized and can be auto assigned. And with the multi-select feature, users can assign, unassign or delete multiple items at one time. The HeskaView program’s advanced search tools enable users to locate records quickly and easily. Immediate access to extensive patient data enables users to easily manage patient records and rapidly retrieve trending data. Reports provide comprehensive patient data and histograms for easy identification of cell distribution. Sample sorting provides results by preferred column title, and a notes field is provided for tracking specific patient sample details.

Intelligent Information Messages: View results on sample pathology, including which samples might require additional pathology analysis using blood film review.
Color-Coded Results in Less than 1 Minute: View values, histograms, or color-coded indicators. High, low or within-range levels provide for quick identification of potential concerns.
Consolidated Printed Reports: The HeskaView Integrated Software® Program provides a detailed, attractive report including hematology parameters, patient ID, relevant sample pathology messages, and histograms.