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ultrasonic nebulizer ultrasonic nebulizer - ULTRASONAT 810


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HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 is a device for the ultrasonic nebulization of water and medicine, meeting the inhalation therapy demands of hospitals, nursing homes and home care.

Nebulization of micro-particles in the range of 0.5 to 6.0 µm
Nebulization of very small quantities of medication
Nebulization intensity and time adjustable up to 99 min.
Nebulization capacity of up to 4.5 ml/min.
Large nebulizer chamber of 500 ml
Permanent nebulizing system - up to 8 hours (optional)
Heatable aerosol hose for heating the nebulized liquid (optional)
Optional wall bracket or castor stand to ensure easy and safe operation

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