intensive care bed / medical / electric / height-adjustable
TotalCare® P500



  • Applications:

    intensive care, medical

  • Operation:


  • Features:


  • Other characteristics:

    on casters, with weighing scale

  • Number of sections:



The product TotalCare® P500 shows its adaptability to react to the requirements of the immobile patients with the maximum to normal chances of the pressure ulcer development. Immobility of the patient can be avoided by getting the patient mobile as early as possible and is considered the best strategy to do it. It comes with Progressive Mobility™ support and TotalCare® bed functionality. The surface technology copes up with pressure, shear, friction and heat the four primary external causes of pressure ulcers. The pressure redistribution system is weight based and intercommunicates permanently with the beds scale system in order to create the most favorable pressure redistribution settings in 4 different zones and in any of the bed positions. Excess heat and moisture is removed from the surface by the Advanced Microclimate® Technology for cooler, dryer skin, which helps to prevent the moisture lesions and increases the patient comfort. A reminder function is assisted by the rapid response turn which helps in attaining turn protocol compliance and at the same time releasing the strain and pain of the caregivers and patients.