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Liko® Original 10/11



  • Applications:

    for patient lifts

  • Other characteristics:

    leg, pediatric


Liko® OriginalSling, model 10/11, is a basic sling model that offers comfortable and secure lifting for both patient and caregiver. It is easy to apply and remove, and when correctly fitted adapts to the patient without any individual adjustments needed.

The OriginalSling’s design allows the patient to hold his or her arms either inside or outside of the sling, and offers leg support options. The fabric is reinforcement-free and supports soft-padding for pressure-sensitive patients.

The OriginalSling is offered in six sizes (XS-XL) and in polyester, net polyester and plastic-coated net fabric. It is available in a variety of standard versions.

Different sizes
Liko OriginalSling comes in six different sizes (XS - XL). It is important to choose the correct size to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety for the patient. A sling which is too large increases the risk of the patient sliding out of it, while one which is too small will be tight-fitting in the groin and cause discomfort.

Note that size small is for children, while medium-slim fits slender adults.

Liko OriginalSling is available in different fabrics. When the sling will not be left in the chair/bed after completed transfer, we recommend the version in polyester, which is very pliable to work with and durable.

Liko OriginalSling is also available in net polyester for those who leave the sling in the chair after transfer and who want an alternative that allows for airflow.

For bathing and showering, the plastic-coated net version allows water to pass through and wiped dry.

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